my saving grace

I won’t lie to you, the last seven months have not been easy. No one said it would be, but it was the hardest thing I have ever gone through, and I have no idea what is yet to come. But there has been one saving grace in my life – PRENATAL YOGA. I discovered a yoga studio not too far from my house that offers prenatal yoga – YOGAFAIRY. “This is a gentle and safe prenatal yoga class. Open to all levels of yoga experience, including beginners. Each class has circle time in which we take time to discuss the joys and difficulties of pregnancy. We then do prenatal yoga poses and modifications are given with each trimester in mind. Yoga postures will focus on breathing, flexibility, and strength. Every class has a relaxation period at the end. It’s a time to let go of everything and just take a break.”I am not sure if it’s the actual yoga or the circle time that makes me anticipate with excitement each class and urge to go there every night. But I think knowing that there are others out there just like me somehow makes it easier and more normal and perhaps even a little enjoyable.Yoga has certainly been my saving grace but Haagen Daz ice-cream is my best friend πŸ™‚

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