“MY” Starbucks is closing…NOOOOOOO

You all know how obsessed I am with Starbucks. I love everything about Starbucks: venti-non-fat-latte, banana chocolate chip coffee cake, raspberry cake, sandwiches, passion-ice tea, coffee mugs, holidays bears, the little green fairy, the store, the people that work in “my” cafe, oh the list keeps going on… For years, I have been such a great supporter (I still am) of this company. I make a daily stop at “my” Starbucks to pick up my morning latte and many days stop by for the late afternoon pick-me-up. Of course, I also buy the coffee by the pound for the home brewing, pick-up lunch on days when I don’t feel like bringing lunch to work, and again the list goes on…to walk into “my” Starbucks and find out that they have been told they are closing.How can this be?????? Starbucks corporate decided to close 2 stores going westbound on Pines Blvd and keep open 3 on the eastbound side…Hello????? Business sense, yes I get it, rent is high, the AM traffic is not strong, the recession is impacting the business…but this is what happens when they open 8 stores within 4 miles radius (granted 2 are in the B&N and one is in Target, but still…) and decide to close two real stores going Westbound on Pines Blvd… For the first time, I am seriously disappointed with Starbucks – how can this be???? I took this announcement so personally and just can’t get over it. So, I took things into my hands and started twittering about it every morning, joined FB group SAVE STARBUCKS ON PINES BLVD. and HIATUS, I am making friends and neighbors go there in the AM, wrote to corporate, called district and regional manager, and the good news is – the store is now on the watch list and no closing date has been announced. I am not saying I have changed things, but if I can contribute to making a difference and keeping “my” Starbucks around, I want to do everything possible. So please, help me support STARBUCKS on Pines Blvd and Hiatus as it is the best Starbucks around and everyone that works there is amazing, and the team is what makes that Starbucks such a perfect “local” coffee shop…


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  • Rick
    May 7, 2009 at 1:29 am

    Fortunately, “my” Starbucks on Pines between Douglas and Palm survived the cut.

    I like the seating area in that one a lot more than the one in “yours.” But, yeah, it was a good alternative if I was heading west.



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