Ninja kicking my to-do list

I am overwhelmed with my TO DO list, both personal and professional one. I am trying to accomplish too many things before Mili-Mali’s arrival and it’s stressing me out. The lists keep getting longer and longer and I feel as though I haven’t really done anything to alleviate the stress. I have become the type of person that just does something else to forget it all, as if it will disappear on it’s own. But I am also the type that takes way too much on and thinks I can do it. I guess I am no super-woman after all.So this morning I decided this is it – no more stress, no more long TO-DO lists, today is the day I NINJA-KICK my to do lists. Today is the day I get it done. No more procrastinating – today I will feel relieved and accomplished.The key to all of this is not to kill myself as I do need rest, so I plan on balancing things out. Wish me good luck!!!To properly fuel my body for a day of accomplishment, the chef made an egg sandwich on I took a break from my AM berries, so instead I had a cup of 100% orange juice. I am craving my dad’s freshly squeezed orange juice – he squeezes 4 oranges and adds a bit of honey and drinks it every single morning – talk about healthy nutrients. Maybe we could get a juicer by the time they arrive, which is in 22 days 🙂I forgot to dry off the spinach so my sandwich was a bit runny, but other than that, just as always this was filling and yummy. Ever since I saw my friend Shannon add tomatoes to her eggs I can’t imagine eating eggs with out them – they add certain sweetness and juiciness and over all make a more delicious egg sandwich. I am off to ninja kick my to do list…will report back later and let you know how I did….

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