“Old McDonald…”

She might not have my hair, my eyes or my nose, but she has my love for books!!! And nothing makes me happier. She loves to “talk” at the same time as you read to her and she loves to touch every page. She squeals of excitement as soon as you start reading and it makes me laugh every time!
There is nothing better than creating the good habits early. Her excitement over books is priceless. I love watching her follow the story from page to page, pointing and touching. She loves the changes in the intonation and tries to imitate us, which is hilarious.

I always imagined that after her bath, we would sit in her rocker and read books and than she would have her last bottle of the night. But my little munchkin doesn’t like anything in between her bath time and bottle. I don’t blame her, I don’t like anything standing in between me and my dinner either.

So tonight, nothing stood in between me and my dinner and most importantly the chef was on board with the whole tofu thing. Until he actually tasted it and than put all the tofu on my plate. The least to say, he wasn’t the fan.

The chef made a tofu stir-fry. It was delicious and perfect for a meatless monday. I am really loving asian inspired cooking…who would have thought I was ever going to say that!!! Yum  yum, enjoy!!!

xoxo, The Faux Foodie Girl

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