One Year Older, Wiser

Just one year ago today, I was buying cupcakes, birthday decorations, and all the things that go along with celebrating my 30th birthday. I was also picking up guests and far away friends who traveled to Florida to celebrate my big day. Now one year older and maturity has set in, and I am celebrating my 31st birthday with a dose of vicodin and glass of milk. Yes, I am one of those weird people who scheduled a root canal/crown on my birthday, even my dentist thought I was crazy for doing it…I love, love, love celebrating my birthday. I am the type of person that celebrates for the whole month of April and I make sure everyone knows it’s my birthday. It’s how I have always been and now my 2 year old niece is the same – you see, it’s in our genes. Even though this year everything is much calmer than last year, I still get to celebrate in style for few days. On my actual birthday, the chef and the family gave me amazingly thoughtful presents (books, DVDs, J.CREW jewelry, candles, B&N gift cards, patio decorations and an LV bag) and a vanilla ice-cream cake. Tonight was a night out for great pizza with friends, tomorrow some more shopping with my girlfriend Amanda (who by the way is a great photographer and does amazing family portraits…I have to get her to set up her website as her prints are amazing) and then dinner out on the town with the chef. I am really looking forward to our dinner – we are off to South Beach and we’ll be trying the MEAT MARKET…I know it’s cliche to go to South Beach, but I have heard so many amazing stories about the Meat Market, so it’s time to test the restaurant. Detailed post coming up tomorrow night…Till then, enjoy this beautiful Friday night and cheers to another great year…

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