Once a month I will dedicate a post to “What I want NOW..” – which will include my latest cravings, indulgences and wants…I am excited just thinking about it as I get to search and write about the things that I want. Hopefully someone (my hubbs) will get a hint and from time to time […]

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Is this a sign of tough times or just generosity of our restaurant community – who knows, but it doesn’t matter, the Winter MIAMI SPICE is here and I am taking advantage of it. So here is the list of places I want to dine at in the next four weeks:–Table 8 – South Beach–The […]

Happy New Year!!! Cheers Everyone… Wishing you many great restaurants, new foods and fabulous drinks in the 2009!Like every year, few hours before the new year we don’t have any plans and as always those nights end up being the most amazing and unforgettable New Years Eves and so was this one. The hubbs had […]

From the day her restaurant opened, I have been a HUGE, HUGE fan of hers and for awhile, any time someone asked to go out for dinner, I would suggest Michy’s…There is not much on the menu that I don’t like, but I do have my favorites: watercress salad, the famous blue cheese and ham […]

I volunteered at the Miami International Book Fair and I got the 3rd row seat to see MARIO BATALLI & ANTHONY BOURDAIN and it was smashing (did I really use this word???). I wasn’t sure how the format of the two chef authors on the stage at the same time would work out, but it […]

One of the reasons I read food magazines are pictures of food, it’s certainly not to learn how to cook. It’s a complete art and an accomplishment, and one thing that I have been trying to get better at by playing around. I am “building a portfolio” for my future professional calling…It’s lighting, it’s background, […]

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