Pizza Night

Wow, I’m amazed with myself and my kitchen skills. I dared to make a pizza tonight. Ah, the courage to do something new and different.

I used store-bought dough, but I did all the work – I rolled out the dough using a rolling pin (I’ve had one forever but never in my life used it before and it was really fun. I see why kids love it so much). I than brushed some olive oil and baked the dough for 5 minutes on 400F. After 5 initial minutes, I pulled it out and added tomato sauce and than put it back in the oven for another 5 minutes. Following the second round of 5 minutes, I added mozzarella and mushrooms and let it bake for 25 minutes. Result was this beautiful crusty pizza.

OK so the pizza was very good, but I did forget to add some salt. Oops, the dough needed just a little bit of salt and than it would have been perfect. My favorite part about pizza was the crust. I liked the way I did it tonight with pre-baking…I think it added an additional crunch. 

Mushroom pizza by far is one of my favorite pizza. For next time I will be certain to add salt, and perhaps event some prosciutto, maybe an egg and some arugula. So long pre-made pizzas…I think I got this one covered.

Store bought pizza dough is the perfect option for those nights when cooking an entire meal is just not feasible. Pizza dough purchased from the store is affordable, quick and so versatile – you can make it any way you like. The store-bought dough might just become my thing – I have a feeling I will be making something very soon.

Q: How was your dinner tonight? Did you do something adventurous?


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