Planning the Menu

One of the key components to healthy eating and a healthy budget is meal planning. Since I don’t cook, my way of participating is to plan all the menus. I usually run them by the chef on Sunday mornings to make sure he will be in the mood to cook them late every night as we don’t get to eat dinner on most nights before 8:30pm. Our schedules are crazy so at the end of the week we usually end up making only 3 or 4 out of 5 meals. With the collection of cook books and food magazines, I have access to great recipes, but somehow we end up with 3 staple meals and 1 new recipe. So for this week, we have following planned:SUNDAY: Turkey breast, cranberry sauce, blue cheese, walnuts on chiabata bread sandwichesMONDAY: Veggie Burger with grilled green/yellow/orange peppersTUESDAY: it’s a class night, mozzarella/tomatoes and basilWEDNESDAY: Garlic marinated chicken, asparagus and red roasted potatoes(NEW)THURSDAY: Dinner with my friend Ina (Chef will probably make something with eggs and chicken)FRIDAY: Spinach gnocchi, chicken and tomato sauceHave a wonderful and healthy week!

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