The Restaurant Club goes to Asia

Tonight is the Restaurant Club night and we are meeting at Indochine Asian Bistro. I can’t even remeber how we picked this place, but it is on my Outlook, so it must be the right choice. I like to be prepared, in general, and same goes for going to restaurants. If I can, I will always check out the menu before I make it to the restaurant. I don’t like making decisions in the restaurant if anyway possible…it’s waisting precious time that I could be spending with friends while there. I also like to find any feedback from other consumers and discover any hidden specialties. So the same goes for tonight, I researched the restaurant and kept looking over the menu and absolutely nothing is jumping at me. I am not finidng anything special on the menu, which brings me back to think why we choose this place. The moto of the restaurant is “Good Food. Good Drinks. Good Music & Good People.” Perhaps sometimes dinner outings are really not about the food but people you share the food with.

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