The Restaurant Club

I have come here to join the masses of blogging and talk about my favorite topic – FOOD. I have always loved food, but lately I am getting a bit obsessive. I am embarking on something not so close to me – writing – so bare with me, as I will get better.I have recently moved from Washington, DC to S. Florida and for the longest time I missed DC to the point I couldn’t even think about it, I wanted to move back, until I realized, it’s not the city that I miss, it’s the people and the food of DC that I miss.So couple of months into my living in S. Florida I have found a group of women who enjoy restaurant dining as much as I do and are great women and much pleasure to be around. All of this together, and the restaurant club was born. We meet every months and try out new places (well, new to us…some are actual establishments) and we chit-chat about jobs, careers, bosses, employees, children, husbands or lack of, households and dreams…All in all, it is always highlight of my week and I wish we did this more often, but our schedules and wallets don’t allow for it. Being that organizational (READ: control issues) skills are our forte, we set-up the rules after our second restaurant evening.RULES of the RESTAURANT CLUB:1. Must visit different restaurants each time2. At least three of us have not been to the restaurant before3. No cancellations from members (there are only 4 of us)4. The restaurant day is not a diet day – everything goes5. Dare to try something newSo the next restaurant club meeting will take place next Tuesday and we are going to Far East…more about our next outing is coming shortly.With all my love to the foodie lovers,The Restaurant Girl

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