Retail Therapy

What a day!!!! What an amazing day!!! The only that was missing, was the chef. But Kiki and I had a fantastic day. The day started fairly early, so Kiki and I went for a walk and it was soo sooo soo chilly and I loved it. And than we were off for some excellent retail therapy. There seems to be a theme when the chef is out of town, the girls go shopping and we do it so well.

We got to the mall fairly early, snagged some good deals and than we met up with my friend Jen for lunch at “The Grill on the Alley“. The only criteria for a restaurant was that they cater to gluten free diet and this place even had a separate gluten free menu. Score!!!! Even better, they had $6.00 brunch cocktails. Naturally, we had to have some Bellinis.

My lunch was good – southwestern chicken wrap with aioli mayo. You can never go wrong with some aioli mayo. But the star of my meal was the bread, crunchy, fresh with fluffy middle – yum!!! I wish I just had the bread!!!

Of course after lunch we shopped some more and than Kiki and I headed home and went for another walk with our family friend Jade. And than it was bed time. As I am writing this my eye-lids are getting heavier and heavier… good night Moon! good night my stars!

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