Saturday Shenanigans

Last night I completely passed out on a couch at 8:30pm and than when I woke up at midnight, I could not sleep due to my ongoing sinus problems and newly acquired soar throat. This morning I still felt terrible despite my efforts with sudafed, amoxcilin, tea, gargling salt, etc. But life most go on when you have an active 7-month old. 
Every weekend I make a long list of things to get done and I rarely ever get anything crossed off and than feel disappointment. Probably because I pack it so much it’s almost impossible to get it all done. So this weekend, I eliminated the to-do list. I’ve decided to just go with a flow. It felt a bit odd not to have anything to cross off, but I enjoyed the freedom and no direction.
The day was packed with good stuff. We acted silly, we played, we laughed, we walked, we napped, we fought naps, we shopped, and I had two hours of ME time. It was truly a glorious day. 
Thanks to an expiring Groupon that I purchased months ago, I went to a yoga class for an amazing 1.5 hours of stretching. The Blue Sol Yoga studio was calming and the class was great. I haven’t done any stretching or yoga since my prenatal yoga classes and I definitely felt it. I can only imagine how I will feel tomorrow. My goal is to get to class once a week. It will be part of my Sanity Challenge – keep moving.
After yoga, I did some quick shopping at TJ Maxx and Target. 

Don’t you just love these little tags in the dressing rooms – Possibly and Definitely! I certainly had some items on the Definitely. 

After my ME time, I came home to two silly turkeys and joined the self-portrait party!

Shortly after, we took Kiki to the close by park and did some walking and playing on the swing. Since it was towards the end of the day she wasn’t the happiest camper but we managed. 

Quickly after she went to bed and we enjoyed the “everything in the sink salad” and movies. We watched “Debt” – I say go rent it, it was good! We also watched “Hangover II”, I say skip it. Save yourself $3.00.

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