Saying Goodbye

I am feeling a little sad today – my parents went back to Croatia. 10 days went by so fast. The 10 days were just not enough, but I am grateful for them for coming back in just six months since the last time they were here.

So much has happened in 6 months…. Let’s see, Kiki is about to start crawling, she has three front tooth coming through, she laughs all the time, points at things that she wants – mostly my iphone and TV remote and reaches out to be picked up. My oh my, has she changed in six months.

There is a reason why they say “They grow up so fast”. I better get started on her baby book. Before I know it she will be celebrating her first birthday, which by the way, I have already started planning through Pinterest, and I only have her first two months recorded. I think baby photo book is in order too.

While my parents were here, most of our time was spent playing with Kiki, and the rest, shopping and eating and drinking a lots of good wine, my favorite activities. Something I absolutely love doing with my family and we did it so well. I didn’t buy too much, but I did find some amazing deals both for Christmas gifts and me, of course;)

Let’s talk food – delicious!!! Whenever they are in town, we always make the same meals- it’s comforting and it always brings back such great memories.

I miss them so much already and wishing we all lived closer, but…it is what it is, and we made the best out of the time we had together.


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