Shopping, shopping, and some more shopping

So what do you do on a saturday when it’s raining like crazy, the chef is out of town and there are no house chores to be done – you go to the mall and do a lot of shopping!!!
It was a heavenly day of retail therapy! We shopped till we dropped – literary. We came home, ate a bit and felt asleep in our bed – all three of us – Kiki, the sous-chef and me. Just a quick note, the sous-chef was not shopping with us, she was actually sleeping at home all day, but I guess it’s always nicer to snuggle than sleep on the cold leather sofa;)

So what did I buy [chef: do no read any further…]– a lot of 6+ months clothes for Kiki – Gymboree was having an amazing sale, a couple of sleepers and a pink tutuand a few things for ME: shirt, sweater, rain boots, and some other goodies
Hunter GreenDo you sense a theme here – it was totally unplanned, but I like it – hunter green and black – my favorite colors!

Kiki was fantastic during our shopping trip – she napped, she babbled, she smiled – a shoppers dream!!! For the first time today, she wore her first pair of jeans and sneakers and she was  absolutely adorable…of course I am not being subjective at all 😉
My friend Nat gave us this whole outfit – it’s absolutely perfect. I hope she gets a lot of wear out of it – absolute cuteness:)

This little black spot in the bottom right hand corner would be the sous-chef inspecting the bags:)
The sneakers are the best part of this outfit – the sneakers make this outfit! They add such an element of cuteness.

Just in case you are wondering, I did eat today, but nothing worth photographing – a chocolate croissant and banana for breakfast, turkey and cheddar cheese toasted sandwich for lunch and granola for dinner.  I hope for some better and more interesting eats tomorrow. 
I am off to bed now – a book is awaiting for me – “Girls in Trucks”….I am at the point in the book when it’s hard to put it down… good night lovelies….[source]
The Faux Foodie Girl, aka a Professional Shopper

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  • Kat
    October 10, 2011 at 8:39 pm

    I need retail therapy via the Mall wicked badly 😉


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