It’s been very silent here at the Faux Foodie world lately, and I can come up with 101 excuses but true reason is my personal commitment. It’s either 1000% that I give to it, or 0%, it’s like with everything in life that I take on. So that BALANCE that everyone is talking about, I will try to strike a balance with my blog. I will make a commitment to the blog that I will have one post at minimum a week to show that I am really committed…which, really I am, but it just doesn’t come across that way.So do you want to know my most cited reason for the lack of posts…I LOST the USB cable for my little pocket camera…how can that be, you ask. I have NO idea. Somehow it has disappeared completely from my house some time in December and no where to be found. So I have about 300+ photos on my pocket camera that have tons of food pics and since I finally made a pilgrimage out to BEST BUY last night, I will be downloading all the photos tonight and posting, a lot. So cheers till tonight and enjoy some good chocolate and cup of coffee and have a very relaxing afternoon. Till later…

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