South Beach Wine & Food Festival

There is no better place than South Beach at the end of February when the rest of the nation is fighting snow, cold and rain, and South Beach offers you sandy beaches, sunny weather, and plethora of food and wine tastings. I have been living in Miami now for three years and well before I have arrived I have always dreamed of going to the SOBE Wine and Food Festival but the tickets were always sold out or just plain too expensive. So finally this year I believe my dream will come true.I will be going to SOBE, yes, me mighty me, is going to the food emporium…I hate to bring up the economy again, but here is another sign that the economy is in trouble – SOBE Wine and Food Festival is actually advertising in the local newspapers like crazy and on top of everything, there are still quite a few tickets available for most events. You can even get tickets to some of the sold-out events. But there aren’t too many of those…I know the event is not for another 6 weeks, but there are only 9 events that are sold out. So what is your pick?


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