Starting Fresh

I survived the most difficult weekend…ever, so far. The chef, or shall we call him by his name, Scott, went to PA with Kiki to visit his family for an early Thanksgiving. I am not going to lie, it was awful. It was hard. It was heartbreaking. 

I missed being with the family. I missed the cold weather.I missed the mountains. I missed the grey skies. I missed talking Christmas lists and getting ready for black friday shopping. I missed all the amazing food. But most of all I missed seeing all the kids and seeing Kiki play with everyone. I missed being surrounded by love and laughter.

But I did everything possible to keep my mind occupied and busy. I did what I know how to do best and that’s cleaning, organizing, re-arranging and decorating. It’s amazing how scrubbing and deep cleaning can be therapeutic – I highly recommend it. It was very cleansing and refreshing. It was my way of starting fresh. I also did a few “ME” things – went to the movies, met a friend for drinks, went to a food and wine event, read a book…what can I say, I kept busy, and somehow the time flew and Kiki came home. The best moment of the whole weekend was when she walked in, gave me a smooch, and proceeded to pull out all of her toys all over the house. More than ever I welcomed the mess. I missed the mess. I missed her.

We spent the afternoon playing, grocery shopping and baking. Lately it seems to be one of our favorite things to do. We baked banana breads…yes plural, we forgot to put sugar in the first one 😉 What can I say, sugar free is not how we roll in this house. So we baked another and it was delicious. We could hardly wait for it to cool off. 

And as any professional food blogger, Kiki blogged about our baking adventures. Recipe is coming, she promised.

Can you tell she loved it. Gosh she looks like such a big girl…18 month old…wow….

So the hard weekend has come and gone, I survived, and somehow started this week fresh, or rather refreshed.

Q: How was your weekend?

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  • Kat
    November 20, 2012 at 1:33 pm

    she looks so much older than 18 months. wow.
    I can't imagine. Honestly. What you went through. But time heals right? (so i hear…) lots of hugs your way

  • Melinda
    November 20, 2012 at 11:09 pm

    I missed you. 🙁 I am so sorry. Please visit still.


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