Surviving Mondays

Hello! Have you survived a Monday? I am slowly getting there, and the food always helps. My wish for tonight’s meal was – comforting, healthy and delicious. And my wish was granted – hazelnut -crusted tilapia with roasted asparagus. I think the chef’s wish was granted too – it was quick!!!! Everything took less than 30 minutes and the best part was that it totally satisfied my craving for comfort food. When you think of comfort food, you think of lasagna or mac and cheese or pizza, but roasted asparagus are a great comfort food to me.

The chef made a few adjustments to the recipe due to the ingredients on hand. The actual Cooking Light recipe calls for halibut, but we usually never have halibut, so tilapia it was. The recipe also included roasted potatoes, but we ate them last night, oops. The beauty of the recipe like this is that it offers freedom for ingredients substitutions and you can make it your own!

I really liked the addition of crunchy hazelnuts – it gave tilapia a mild but nutty flavor. If you don’t have hazelnuts on hand you could use any other kind of nut – pecan, walnuts, pine nuts. Doesn’t eating hazelnuts remind you of chocolate – it must be all of the Nutella.

Lucky me, there is some leftover for tomorrow’s lunch. I cooked some roasted pepper quinoa which will make a great side dish. 

In addition to being a Monday I have had a terrible headache all day today. Before Kiki, coming home would have been easy – I would come home, take the sous chef out for a short walk and lay down and sleep of the headache. Well, nowadays that is not possible, so I played through the headache. It’s amazing how Kiki knew I wasn’t feeling my best, so all she wanted to do was cuddle, kiss, cuddle and sit on her chair. Total magic! Unfortunately I did not get rid of my headache so I am off to bed and see if I can sleep it off. Tomorrow is a long day and I certainly don’t need a headache.

Q: How was your Monday? 

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