Thankful Thursday

What can I say, I fell in love, watched it grow, watched it change and watched it fall apart. I feel pain, but I am slowly trying to recover from it. I want my heart to heal. Everyone says it’s necessary to hurt in the process of loss to learn that there is something better out there for me. I hope to say one day I am thankful for that process, but for now I am thankful for friends and family who help me pick up the pieces when I don’t have the energy to do it alone.

Today I am thankful for all the family, friends, and strangers that have reached out in these most difficult times. I might have not answered your calls, your emails, your Facebook messages, blog comments, or your texts, but I am thankful and grateful for each one of them. I read them every day with so much love and adoration knowing I am not alone, knowing there is still love out there, knowing that things will get better.

I am also thankful for a little soul that is my reason to move forward every day, knowing I have the best of it at the end of it all….


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