Thankful Thursday

I was struggling to find an inspiration what to write for today’s Thankful Thursday until I read this on another blog today:

“On my calendar today: ‘remind yourself that when you die, your ‘in basket’ won’t be empty. So many of us live our lives as if the secret purpose is to somehow get everything done. We stay up late, get up early, avoid having fun, and keep our loved ones waiting. Often, we convince ourselves that our obsession with our ‘to do’ list is only temporary – that once we get through the list, we’ll be calm, relaxed, and happy. But in reality, this rarely happens. As items are checked off, new ones simply replace them.”[source]
As you might have noticed this about me, I am a little bit of an A personality. I constantly write never ending to-do lists and convince myself that as soon as I get them done I will finally relax and do things I really want to do and enjoy. But the truth is the lists never get completed. You are now probably thinking and what does this have to do with the “Thankful Thursday” post – well you see, I am thankful for my daughter who is teaching me every day that the life is not about getting things crossed off of my To-Do list, but enjoying every moment with her. Because one day I won’t remember the completed to dos, but I will remember my precious time with her.

Thank you Kiki for teaching me the most valuable lesson of all!


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