“This will teach me a lesson to read the recipes….”

In the words of my chef “This will teach me a lesson to read the actual recipes you suggest and not just the titles”.As per our weekly menu, tonight I chose a recipe from America’s Test Kitchen – Shrimp, Pea, and Rice Salad. We even went to a specialty store to get the Silver Palate Mango Chutney, fresh mint and lightly toasted coconut. The least to say, I was excited to try something new, tropical and unusual on a Thursday night.But as usual in the Faux Foodie Casa, plans changed. The chef started to read the instructions and realized that this is a cold dish. Did I forget to mention he doesn’t like his rice cold. oops!!! He was walking back and forth from the kitchen and even asked me if I wanted to try the Miami Spice menu. That’s when I knew I wasn’t getting the Shrimp, Pea and Rice Salad.Since I was enjoying the zen moment of social media (read: playing on Twitter and Facebook), I decided I should just let him do his thing. I heard the grumblings coming out of a kitchen but I stayed out.After 20 minutes of pots clinking, water boiling, pantry doors closing and opening, the dinner was served. It was delicious. Simple, fresh and light…just like my glass of wine. Are you wondering what he made….Unfortunately, mango chutney nor mint nor coconut were involved. But it was good, finger licking good. In a chef’s classic style our meal included – whole wheat pasta, sauteed shrimp, peas, cilantro (he didn’t have parsley), pesto, olive oil and pecorino cheese. Unfortunately, I do not have a recipe, but I am sure those that know what they are doing in the kitchen will know exactly what to do to produce this masterpiece.If you decide to make this dish and need some help… I will let the chef know…he might feel generous and share the recipe;) Bon Apetit!!!

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