Thursday Thoughts

My brain is fried. I am exhausted. Hoping the next few lines will make some sense and this won’t be a total brain dump, but I can’t make any promises….


+ I am back to Pinterest obsession. So many wonderful home decorating ideas, yummy recipes, fantastic fashions, creative kid entertainment ideas…so much stuff, not enough time

+ These days I prefer Instagram over Facebook. It’s simple, cute, fast…and I love to play with all the photo apps [aka, it makes me look very creative]

+ I did a little bit of cleaning and purging tonight, I feel much lighter already. More to come this weekend – I have so many things to get rid of – donate, throw away, sell

+ I made dinner tonight, but I had a strawberry pop-tart instead. I think I want to make some this weekend. What can I say, this recipe is calling my name

+ Loving this book. Tonight might be a long night because I have no intentions of putting it down.

+ What do we think of navy blue nail polish? Yeay or nay? 

+ I am baking cupcakes for the Halloween party next week. I don’t have a slightest idea where to begin – vanilla, chocolate, buttercream, frosting, sprinkles…

+ I have started planning my Thanksgiving menu. I’ve decided I am doing it all this year.

+ It’s raining, again. Will the rain ever stop? I really don’t mind it at night. It’s the most relaxing and soothing sound, but I’ve had it with rain during the day. 

…Good Night…..

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  • Kat
    October 26, 2012 at 1:27 pm

    yay on navy blue polish, and I live on Instagram. Or at least I used to. I love purging and cleaning – I hate cleaning things up afterwards but I love the feeling of space.


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