Trip to Brazil via Fogo De Chao

Lately everywhere I go I’ve been hearing about the new Brazilian steakhouse, Fogo de Chao. So when I was trying to make plans for last night, I knew exactly where we should go. What can say, it was a meat eaters paradise!I haven’t seen my friend since September, so FDC was a perfect choice as we needed a lot of time and a somewhat quiet place to catch up …and at the end 4.5 hours were still not enough.As I have previously established, I love, love, love red meat. Because of it, I could never be a vegetarian.Overall, the experience was satisfying. From the moment you sit down, the staff is there getting you anything you want. The decor inside was very formal and conservative with stone, custom glass, dark hardwoods and walls covered in red colors. Even so, it isn’t too dark. What I liked the most was the flatware – heavy with a great design, so appropriate for a steakhouse. There’s also a full bar, and what I liked the most within the walls of a restaurant the 2,000+ bottle wine cellar. A perfect place for corporate dinners.So here is how the Brazilian steakhouse works…..every diner has access to a table side service of fifteen different cuts of beef, pork, lamb and chicken. To complement the varieties of meats, there is a buffet of salads, fresh cut vegetables, imported cheeses, cured meats, smoked salmon and steamed veggies as well as traditional Brazilian side dishes (polenta, garlic mash potatoes, caramelized bananas and pao de queijo – cheese bread). The salad bar was just OK, but I came for meat…Like most churrascarias that I have been to, they hand you a card that’s green on one side and red on the other so that the waiters know when to come offer you some meat. Here, even when I had it on red, they still came – which becomes annoying after a while. The good thing about it, the meat was always fresh, warm and done to perfection (medium rare for this girl). What I really appreciated was that if something got cold on my plate, a fresh piece was served within moments.My favorites of the night were picanha (perfectly seasoned with sea salt and flavored with garlic), filet mignon, linguica (pork sausage that was well seasoned and slow roasted) – all to mouthwatering perfection. My disappointment was the salad bar – it was very plain and it lacked excitement. Yes, I did say I was there for meat, and not the salad, but if compared to some of the other churrascarias in town, it was boring.Overall it was a good dinner with great company. I am glad that I tried it but I don’t see myself rushing back anytime soon.

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