Triple Guilt Tuesday

I am exhausted. I need to go to bed pronto!!! I worked from home today, which explains my exhaustion. On the days I work from home I have triple guilt going on: work-work, house-work and Mili-Mali. It’s the guilt of “I am not spending enough time on any of these areas”. If only I were superhuman I could do all three things at the same time perfectly, but that’s not the case. I guess I will settle for doing MY best. As long as I know I did my best!
And today was busy – very busy. Mili-Mali is starting to babble. If she is awake she is talking. It’s the cutest thing ever and I can hardly resist her little conversations, so of course I have to join in. 

As she carried on her conversations, I worked on the work-work stuff – website changes, flyers, event calendars, PR and hundreds of emails and called it a day around 5pm. 
We watched Giada de Laurentiis’ “Everyday Italian” show. The kid is already obsessed with cooking shows. I wonder why!?! Then she spent the afternoon/evening with her daddy practicing some tummy time [for sure not her favorite] and reading books, before the 3B time – bath, bottle, bed. I had a really hard time putting her down – she would fall asleep in my arms, but the moment I would put her down in her crib her eyes would be wide open and she would start whimpering. So after the third time, I put her down, closed the door and walked away. By the time I got downstairs and turned on the monitor she was asleep…. Lesson learned!

I definitely don’t feel guilty about my day’s eats – they were plentiful, healthy, satisfying and delicious. At no point in a day did I feel an urge to snack. The day started with a mish-mash of cereal (don’t ask which ones, I mixed three different kinds I found in our pantry), strawberries, peach, chocolate peanut butter and flax seeds. It doesn’t look pretty, but it was so good.

Of course, I can’t face the day without coffee, better yet, ice coffee. And you better believe it, this wasn’t my only cup today. 

The chef came home and had lunch with us. He made tasty sandwiches on toasted whole wheat chiabatta bread with hummus, goat cheese, arugula, cucumber, avocado and chicken breast. So satisfying…. I want one every day!

So after the little sleeping ordeal with Mili-Mali, the chef and I finally settled down for dinner around 8:30. Tonight’s meal featured pork chops, mashed potatoes and mixed salad. I haven’t had pork chops since my parents were here in May and I was so excited to see them on the menu this week.

The mixed salad was dominated by arugula – oh so good. I had seconds, it’s that good.

Pork chops were great. The chef made a really tasty marinade – soy sauce, lemon juice, brown sugar, garlic powder and black pepper. He marinaded it only for about 2 hours, but the meat was so tender and juicy. I really liked it, A LOT. I wish I had seconds…. but I practiced portion control.

The mashed potatoes were my work of art. The chef called them puffy marshmallows. Let’s make this clear, the chef cooked the potatoes, I only added salt, 1/2 cup of warm milk and mixed it all together, but I like to claim some involvement with dinner preparations.

What you don’t see is the glass of Sassabruna, which was very much needed after today. And as I am writing this, I polished off the last of chef’s birthday ice cream cake.
My to-do list for today is still a mile long, but it will have to wait for tomorrow. I am starting something new today – going to bed earlier. This weekend I read a really good tip on how to train yourself to go to bed early. For example, I go to bed around 11 or 11:30 and than I like to read for another 30 min or so, and I am always exhausted in the morning. What I would love is to learn how to go to bed at 10pm. But instead of trying to jump from 11:30 to 10, which is so unrealistic, I need to start going to bed at 11:15 for next 2-3 weeks, than the following 2-3 weeks at 11, than following weeks at 10:45pm until eventually I get to the desired hour of 10pm. So basically by taking baby steps. I am going to take my own advice and head to bed.
Q: How do you manage guilt? What are your super powers?
xoxo, the Faux Foodie Girl

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  • WillJogForFood
    August 17, 2011 at 11:40 am

    Mili-Mali is so freakin adorable!!

  • Jenn (Pursuing Our Passion)
    August 17, 2011 at 5:05 pm

    I can totally relate when it comes to working from home – I sometimes feel so overwhelmed about all the "areas" that I end up doing random things that are not as high up on the list of priorities. But I think you're right – as long as we try and know we did our best, we can't go wrong!

    Mili-Mali is adorable, by the way!


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