Tuesday Things

I can’t decide whether I like Tuesdays or not. Not quite to the middle of the week, but it’s no longer Monday, there is hope I will survive the week, daydreaming of a good weekend looming around the corner. So I’ll just get to the Tuesday Things.

1. I am a big, big, big believer of horoscopes, palm readings, numerology, charts and stars. These days, my horoscope is right on spot or is it spot on ;)…This is what my two different horoscopes said about today:

“You feel good all the way down to your toes, thanks to an infusion of terrific energy that helps you see the bright side of almost any situation. Things are sure to pick up even more tomorrow!”

“Nobody doubts your energy and resolve. How will you concentrate them this month? Forget everyone’s past behavior. Wipe the slate clean.”

I really, really, really want to believe that this is true. Perhaps with the power of a belief, tomorrow might be a good day, and a day after, and a day after.

2. The scones from last night were amazing. I am thinking of making some more tomorrow. Baking heals my soul…yup, I just said that. If nothing else, they are delicious. 

3. I am daydreaming of a big kitchen. I think now that I spending so much time in the kitchen, a bigger and more efficient kitchen is the right choice. Big kitchen is on my must have list in the new home.

4. Yes, I am thinking of a new home, but just thinking. Though thoughts could be powerful. In the mean time I want to re-decorate the whole house. This time around, I am thinking all white instead of dark furniture. The only thing is, how does all white work with kids?

5.  I bought a pair of shoes today. I can’t wait for them to arrive..What’s even better, I got a great discount. If you are interested, just use the code THANKYOU.

6. I haven’t exercised in a few days and I feel it. Tomorrow will be the day I get back to running. 

7. I have been avoiding a trip to Target. But since I am using my traveling toothpaste, I think it’s time to face the reality. Tomorrow might be that day. I always wonder why can’t I leave that place without spending less than $150. Just too many darn cute things and great prices.

8. Kiki and I have gotten into a really nice rytham. It’s not all roses and butterflies all the time, but most times it is. Being a mom to a toddler is exhausting, but I am really enjoying it. And when it gets tough we go for a walk. A good walk makes us both happier…or we make a cup of coffee. She likes to press the buttons and I love the taste of coffee and how calm it makes me feel. It makes me think we can do this…

9. The best part of coming home every day from work is Kiki running into my arms and giving me a hug. Hugs are new in our house. I love how she holds on to me and we stand there looking at each other and than she plants a kiss right on my lips. Priceless.

10. This week I have learned a great deal about friendships and coincidences. Too many coincidences make me believe nothing is a coincidence any more. 

11. I miss my mom. I wish we lived closer to each other. But I know she is with me every day.

12. I am leaving for Italy in a week, and I am not sure if I should be excited or not. It doesn’t even seem real. Perhaps I should start packing, so many shoes to think about, which ones to take – the shoes can make or break the outfit, priorities…

13. I am loving my iPhone 5, it was love at first sight. Did you jump on the wagon and got one? 

14. I played some more in the kitchen tonight. I made a shrimp pesto pizza. It was so good with a glass of wine. I think I found my new favorite wine. I was very generous with shrimp on this pizza…I think I just wanted a special treat.

Q: How was your Tuesday?


  • Kat
    October 3, 2012 at 12:36 pm

    omg so many comments I can't wrap my head around them…Italy?! SOOOO JEALOUS! And the hugs omg so cute. P is really into cuddling right now and I can't get enough of it. I want scones…and the shoes. And I REALLY want a new kitchen…and a new house. Happy Tuesday (thank god it's Wednesday!)

    • The Faux Foodie
      October 3, 2012 at 1:58 pm

      oh yes thank god it's wednesday…We are not into cuddling yet, but I can't wait…nothing better, right?

  • Adrienne
    October 3, 2012 at 1:47 pm

    Wow! All that on a Tuesday?
    I will gladly go to Italy in your place if you like 🙂 I miss Italy daily…my favorite country.

    Those shoes are SO cute. I think I might have to get a pair. They are priced just right.

    I am thinking about getting an iPhone 5. I have a 4 right now that I am perfectly content with, though. It's hard choice to make. I think I"ll wait until the holidays. Maybe I'll get one in my Christmas stocking!

    • The Faux Foodie
      October 3, 2012 at 2:00 pm

      the price was amazing, especially with a discount code, I am hoping they look good and that they are comfortable too. and the only reason I got the iPhone 5 right away is because the screen on my 4 broke….I would wait, it would make a perfect Christmas stocking gift…. BTW, love the way you styled the burgundy dress 😉


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