Tuesday Things

1. The holidays are stressing me out. So what do I do – I go shopping, for myself.

2. In my defense, I only bought a pair of Christmas PJs. I didn’t feel like trying on anything else. Now I regret it, as Ann Taylor had an amazing sale of 50% off on any single purchase.

3. I will be going shopping again tomorrow. But tomorrow, the only things I will be looking for are the Christmas gifts. I am so behind on Christmas gifts. At this time, all I have are two gifts. It’s sad. Do I need to remind you that I still have to mail them, both in the US and Croatia. I think our family and friends will be enjoying gift opening after Christmas. Or so I keep telling myself.

4. Our Christmas cards finally arrived from Tiny Prints today. They will be mailed out tomorrow. Some may even arrive before Christmas day. I am completely in love with our Christmas cards… but than again, wouldn’t you be too?

5. Completely random, but even if I could, I would never… Would you? Would it be worth it? I mean $25,000???? Really???

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