Tuesday Things

As random as this post will be, it’s truly an insight into how my brain operates these days…jumping from topic to topic and running 1,000 miles an hour…what can I say – I can’t stop thinking….I have a lot to say and my blog is always willing to listen.

+ I can’t get enough of “Thomas Crown Affair” – I’ve watched the movie now 3 times in less than two weeks, and have been listening to the soundtrack all day, every day

+ As if I didn’t have enough traveling scheduled on my work calendar, I am daydreaming of going away on a big trip…I’m thinking Peru or Thailand. I want adventure….Join me!

+ Kiki’s birthday is less than three weeks away and I am about four weeks behind the planning schedule. I am feeling the mother’s guilt creeping up 

+ Thankful for baby monitor…nothing better then waking up in a middle of the night to Kiki singing “happy birthday”

+ Dear YouTube, if you give me an option to “skip ad”, I will. And I always feel guilty doing so because I know someone else is skipping my ad

+ I am obsessed with succulents and lemon trees. I think instead of the usual jewelry/shoes/handbag birthday gift I might get myself a lemon tree this year.

+ Thinking of Mother’s Day this year makes me sad. What do single moms do for Mother’s Day? Do you take yourself out to brunch? Who buys you the card? Damn you Hallmark!

+ Today is a day I feel like a SUPERWOMAN!!!! I can do it all….Of course, it has nothing to do with this….

+  I am obsessed with Ted Talks. I am not a fan of poetry. But I needed this tonight. Now more than ever I believe in a spoken word.

+ Have you seen this? It’s truly a game changer – impressive.

+ I am really borderline obsessed with asparagus. I couldn’t help myself and had some more tonight. Just asparagus and tomatoes. Kiki approved.

+ Dear birds outside my window! I truly, truly love the sound of your chirping, but when you start chirping at 3am, it does not make a happy, it makes me very irritated….please hold off on chirping till 5am, I can take that.

+ I’ve started to dream again…or rather I have started to remember my dreams and they are lovely. I am excited. 

+ My birthday is 7 days away. It’s time to start celebrating! 


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