TV Dinners

Hubbs is out of town this whole week, which means I am on my own for dinner…I guess I never appreciate it what it means to have dinner ready every night, but for the first time in my life I actually missed home cooked meals. So this whole week I have survived on my version of home cooked meals: Monday: Le Petit Beure Cookies and Milk – my childhood favoriteTuesday: Chicken Fingers, mayo and ketchupWednesday: American Backyard Happy HourThursday: GMCVB Networking Event at KARU & Y…never again will I repeat this oneFriday: Chicken FIngers, againI can’t wait for him to come home and cook something, anything, just a home cooked home meal. That’s all I want.Overall the week on m so called TV dinners wasn’t that bad, but I do have to talk about KARU & Y. I’ve heard many things about it: cook new place, the IT place, fantastic martinis, great atmosphere, the place to be at. So when I got the invite to the networking event for GMCVB (greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau) and it was going to take place at KARU & Y and I was all excited, my chance to check out THE PLACE and be part of the cook crowd. Networking event usually means free drinks, hors d’ouevres and meeting new people, all usually at no cost, somehow this event, a mojito that I ordered cost me $15.00 – are they kidding me, $15 bucks for a little glass, and I a talking little with a lot of ice. I was outraged. I am still outraged. I really thought that this will be my saving money on food week, but I spent just as much if I were buying food. I bought lunch pretty much every day and I ended up paying every night for something but the culmination of everything was $15.00 mojito. I don’t think I have ever paid more than $10 for a drink so this just made me outraged. So few more hours, and my personal chef will be home and I am hoping for something, just something home cooked. Do you think I should possibly learn how to boil water for pasta???? Nah…not yet. I think I will stick with reading the cook books.Tootles, until the next cooking extravaganza.

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