Watercress and Pear Salad

I felt so fancy having a watercress and pear salad tonight. This is one of those salads that I usually leave for restaurants only, but since I recently found out that I am having some B12 complex issues, I am making an effort to include B12 in everything I eat, and watercress is packed with B12 vitamin complex.

So tonight I whipped up a little treat of watercress, pear, goat cheese and grilled cheese salad with mustard and honey vinaigrette. Delicious! There is really no recipe or directions, it’s one of those salads where you just throw the ingredients together and fancy salad is served. Don’t wait for the special occasion, just do it – make yourself special any day!
To make my day brighter, I bought some peonies. They are so beautiful, pink and fluffy – what’s not to love!!!!

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