We are back on track

I can finally relax, the weekly menu is prepared, groceries are bought, we are set for the week. Yes, I truly have a problem, I am addicted to meal planning and it’s for a good reason. 
I feel anxious when the weekend goes by and I haven’t planed our meals. Unfortunately the last three weeks we’ve gone with no plan and it’s been obvious…..Our meals were all over, spending way too much money, eating take out when it was really not necessary, no blog material, etc. 
I had to put a stop to it…so here it goes – a well planned out meals, using a lot of food from our pantry and my goal of spending $80 on weekly groceries just barely accomplished. Barely…well, once we buy rotisserie chicken it will take us over that amount, but I am OK with that.

SUNDAY: White bean + parmesan baked orzo with tomato salad
MONDAY: Curried broccoli couscous
TUESDAY: Tex-mex rice bowl/Blogger wine pairing dinner
WEDNESDAY: Skinny chicken + broccoli alfredo
THURSDAY: Hazelnut crusted halibut + roasted asparagus
FRIDAY: Avocado + chicken salad
SATURDAY: My birthday party!!!!!
This week’s meals have been “Cooking Light” magazine inspired. I finally sat down and read the April issue, and it’s probably one of the best ones I have picked up [I believe May issue is out on stands, but if you can pick up the April issue – it’s well worth the find].

This issue is great – 40 fast and easy meals under 40 minutes. I will be “testing” them all as they perfectly fit our weeknight criteria – quick, simple, delicious with all the right shortcuts. What a I really like about this issue is that it provides you with an option of complete meals or creating your own meals from main dishes, salads and sides… so many solutions combinations! Just think of it as a guide for faster, healthier weeknight dinners, shopping list included.


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