Week through my Instagram – Insta-Friday


today i’m linking up with the fabulous jeannett from life.rearranged!follow along with my instagram feed online,or search @fauxfoodiegirl through your iPhone/droid app :]

Sometimes for dinner Munchie’s is a perfect choice

So proud she loves books like her momma


For a good night of sleep


Delicious salad – must have it again

“Wanna join us for lunch?”

“I’m ready for the beach…are you coming?”

My dad sent me this photo today and I absolutely LOVE it!!!! This picture was taken in May when we visited Croatia during my niece’s recital. It was such a lovely day and every time I look at this photo I am reminded how lucky I am to have such a great family around me.

“Who will fall asleep first?!? My bet is on ME!”

Brinkley on baby monitor watch

Silly times

 Bed hair!

 Education time

It’s finally here!

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