The Weekend of Indulgence

What an amazing food-filled weekend it was!!! My BFF (:-) Shannon came to visit and run the Miami ING marathon with me (at the end I was the spectator since I am still battling the cough). I tried to plan in advance everything we were to do (just like she did when I went to visit her in Portland – BTW, she is an amazing host – AMAZING), but it just did not work out that way, at all. Which is all right, as we stumbled on the best eats this weekend.We kicked-off Friday with a short stop at the Versailles for some cafecitos and guava pastellitos. It’s a must see/experience place for all the out of towners. As always, it was sweet as sweet can get and it certainly held us over till the late lunch at the For an appetizer we ordered ceviche spoon sampler – Ceviche Oriental, Ceviche Peruano and Ceviche Black Market. All the flavors were refreshing and perfectly tangy. Thinking back, this could have/should have been my lunch, but my love for fried onions made me order the pesto basil chicken sandwich with chipotle mayo. Now, I am not big on mayo, but the combination of thinly cut fried onions dipped in slightly spicy chipotle mayo is what I call heaven. I barely touched my chicken sandwich, even though it was great, I certainly ate all of my onions as well as few of Shannon’s. Usually, fried onions really don’t do anything for me, but those…ah, what can I say, a pure perfection. After couple of hours of walking at the ING Marathon Expo and South Beach, it was time for dinner and Shannon is the perfect foodie friend to try out new places with. So we decided to see what is all the hoopla about the Salad – citrus growers dream – orange-grapefruit, toasted pecans and crumbled goat cheese. Main Entree – Scotch bonnet vivaneau (snapper) with Haitian chocolate rice (my very first chocolate rice-oh yum) and squash saute.A friend of mine (a true culinarian, food expert and a great chef) said it was too many citrus flavors for the evening, and I am sure he is right, but I still think it was a great meal that I will repeat again. Saturday was a mish-mash of Pembroke Pines local restaurants that included a discovery of the Frozen Yogurt store – With all the indulgence that took place this weekend, it looks like a vegetarian day today……As always, I had an amazing time with Shannon and our next gathering is already in the works – Portland, Oregon here I come…….

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  • Joan Nova
    February 2, 2010 at 5:01 pm

    Sounds like a typical So FL Foodie weekend :). I, too, always include a stop at Versailles with visitors. I've been wanting to try ceviche spoon and redlight…now I really want to!


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