Weekend Breakfast

My favorite part of the weekend is breakfast time. This is especially true if I manage to get up early while everything is quiet and everyone in my house is still sleeping. Then I can sneak out to the patio and breathe in the weekend morning air and salute the sun. It is the only time that I can actually take my time and prepare a breakfast and cup of coffee without having to quickly run out of the house and drink yogurt in the car.I don’t have a favorite weekend breakfast, I just love breakfast in general. Breakfast is that one meal that I can eat at any time of the day, but it just tastes better early in the morning. It’s almost like a ritual. So this weekend I took some time and “made” myself a bowl of KASHI Wheaties with strawberries, blackberries and a banana. Of course I also had my favorite: a cup of home brewed Starbucks non-fat latte. It was a divine morning. I was still in my birthday celebration mode and it just felt so refreshing to get-up in the morning, go for a run, come back to a quiet home and sit on the patio and enjoy my weekend treat. I first “made” my cereal and than jumped in the shower so the cereal can get a little soggy and the brown sugar of off the Wheaties has time to melt and it makes the fruit in the cereal so much better. Perfect blend of sweet, savory, refreshing and healthy. No matter how much I love eating, eating at breakfast time beats all the other meals of the day.


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