weekend eats and sweets

This weekend was supposed to be a relaxing, stress free and chilling two days, but it ended up being anything but that. From hustle and bustle of Saturday errand running and things not going my way, to a Sunday spent at the vet, I couldn’t stop myself from eating everything in sight, especially sweets. And not to mention multiple visits to the grocery store for yet another thing that I was craving. It all started with a chocolate croissant on Saturday while waiting for Brinkley to get groomed. Unfortunately, no pictures of the croissant, because I inhaled it before you could even say “croissant”. It was warm, fluffy, flaky and sweet. I am convinced the croissant had the Nutella filling, as it didn’t have the bitter dark chocolate taste. Not that it would have deterred me from eating it, but it certainly encouraged thoughts of having another one. The chocolate was so smooth, silky and perfectly melted. While inhaling it, all I could think of getting another one, but at that point I was still finding some self-control. Just a few hours later, I decided to skip the real dinner and get down to dessert. At this point, there was no looking back. No regrets, just pure enjoyment. Every once in awhile, rules are meant to be broken and Saturday seemed to be a perfect day for that. I was on my way to Menchie’s. I haven’t been to Menchie’s in quite a long time, and that self-control that I possessed earlier in a day, was out the window. I was the kid in the candy store…I wanted all the flavors and all the toppings. Thank God for tasting cups. I tasted all 13 flavors that they had on Saturday, and decided on: peach mango tart, raspberry sorbet, orange & lemon tart, cake batter and country vanilla. The toppings of my choice were peanut butter cups and kit kat. I really wanted some strawberries and blackberries, but by the time I got to the fruit topping section, the only fruit that was left were cherries and kiwis…wasn’t really feeling those two. Here is the evidence that no self-control was exercised…filled to the top. I have to admit my chocolate toppings didn’t go well with tarts and sorbets, but they were perfect with cake batter and country vanilla. Menchie’s was so busy on a Saturday night and the average age was 16. It reminded me of date night couple of months ago at the ice-skating arena. I guess I can’t help it that I feel 16 or at least doing things that 16 years old do…perhaps it’s time to grow up…. Thinking Sunday is a new day, I asked chef to make me some semi-healthy option of wheat pancakes mixed with almond, As I was preparing fruit toppings, both peanut and chocolate peanut butter made their way to the table as well as some Canadian maple syrup I got at Sial Montreal couple of weeks ago. So much for starting over….Don’t get fooled by the size of a pancake you see on the plate. At that point I already ate one whole pancake. It was perfectly thick, the maple syrup was drizzled over peanut butter and chocolate peanut butter, and banana, strawberries and blackberries gave it just enough tartness. This breakfast was so delicious, I am still licking my fingers. It was very filling, but it didn’t last for too long. By the time I cleaned up the mess in the kitchen my mind was already onto the next meal. As soon as breakfast was over, we dashed to the vet as Brinkley had a serious hot spot on her neck and her skin cut to the bone in between her toe nails. I am not a bad fur mother, but I have no idea how this happened while she was under my watch last week. My little fur baby was in the hospital for the most of the day and when we picked her up, the fur on her paw was shaved off, she had multiple stitches and a cone around her neck. The little cone head was well medicated and was running into everything. I don’t think she was really hurting herself, as much as she would get scared. She is not allowed to do any exercise, no jumping, minimal waking, no going up or down the stairs and she can’t get her paw wet…Oh the traumas….The cone has to stay on for ten days, I hope we can manage.So after she finally got settled in the tiny kitchen (the only place she can’t run, jump or go up and down the stairs) I was hungry, again. This time chef made pizza with pesto, mozzarella, pine nuts and spinach. Now tell me this doesn’t look healthy. Oh yes…looks can be deceiving. According to chef, the pizza had over 20 grams of fat – all that basil, mozzarella and pine nuts. So not everything that is green is always healthy.As soon as I realized that each slice had 20 grams of fat, my hunger subsided and I barely finished two slices. After chef left for the real job, I got into the kitchen and started working on my lunch for Monday with the idea of starting over with fresh and healthy. Obviously, I am a believer in second chances.Long time ago I found a recipe in I tried really hard to keep the pesto, walnuts and Gorgonzola at minimum, but it looks like went a little overboard with walnuts. They looks so pretty sprinkled over this salad, or whatever you want to call this creation. I wish I could say, I put the lid on it and packed it away, but that would be a lie. I had to have a bite. Oh it was so delicious. Gorgonzola and walnuts make everything better. And cherry tomatoes, oh I don’t have to tell you – sweet and refreshing…they kept popping in my mouth like little balloons. I don’t know why, but tomatoes instantly remind me of summer. I guess not all weekends can be enjoyed with good eats, but at least I satisfied my cravings. Today, it’s all about salt…bring on the Stacey Chips and Hummus….

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