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This past weekend was what Webster’s Dictionary definition of weekend should look like…in one word – heavenly! Today, I woke up happy, fulfilled, satisfied, full of energy, completely renewed….

This was my drive home [please note, I was at full stop when I took this picture] – this was a sign good things are coming my way. That sky was so promising of good things to come. 

Friday was a true foodie day – lunch was Miami Spice style at Oak Tavern and dinner, local and healthy with great wine pairing and even better company at Season’s 52.  

Saturday started off with a great run, which made me feel as if I was on top of the world. I haven’t had a good run like that in a very long time. But the best part was my breakfast – an egg sandwich – a perfect post-run fuel!

My Saturday was packed to the brim – running, cleaning the house, errands, ice-skating – yup, I got on my skates after almost two years, and I’m feeling it, birthday party, coffee with a friend and most of all Kiki came home and all she wanted to do was read, so we read, and read and read some more. Somehow she negotiated from two books at bed time to three and we had to re-read one of the books twice. I must say, if we can learn anything from toddlers – it should be negotiating, they have incredible negotiating skills.

Sunday we woke up to rain and clouds, but by the time we had our “coffee” and cuddle time, the skies cleared up and it turned up to be the most amazing day. One of those days that I will always remember.

Kiki and I played all morning, went for a really nice walk, grocery shopped, walked the Sous-Chef, read some more books, and while Kiki took a two hour nap, I took a nap too and read some of my favorite magazines…I mean, anything with ice-cream on the cover page will get my attention.

I was trying to come up with a new activity for Kiki, so I took her to the pool. She hasn’t been a fan of pool, beach or swimming at all, so it’s one of those things I just avoided doing. This whole time I thought she was her father’s daughter when it came to water, but my oh my was I wrong. She LOVED it!!!! She was very cautious at first, but after she saw me having fun and enjoying water, she wanted in on the fun times too. It was so cute to hear her say “bazen fun momma”…in translation – “pool was fun mommy” 🙂 My little fishy!

Fun times continued in the kitchen – we made burgers, avocado/tomato/black bean salad and baked our hearts out. 

I can tell you this much…Kiki loved helping me make the dinner, but I think more then anything, she loved eating them like a big girl. She usually “de-constructs” her food, but this time, she kept it as. I was so surprised, but she ate it with ketchup, mayo and mustard mixture, topped with arugula and avocado, just the way I make mine.

It wouldn’t be a complete weekend if we didn’t do some baking and with overabundance of blueberries,  we made blueberry scones and of course, banana chocolate chip bread!

I learned a trick about the banana bread that I must share …. once the bread is baked instead of letting it cool of and slice it, wrap it in a saran wrap and leave it wrapped for 24 hours. It makes a world of difference. The bread stays very moist versus drying out, and the flavors of banana come out even stronger then if not wrapped. Try it, I promise you it will be worth it.

And that wraps up our amazing weekend! I can’t remember the last time I had such a fulfilling, satisfying and happy weekend.  The happiness found in smallest of acts! 

Q: What made you happy this weekend?

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