Weekend Lookbook

Oh Hello Monday, it’s nice to see you again! With everything happening in the world these days, my weekend was filled with beauty, delicious food, more then a few sips of wine and yummy mojitos, ice-cream, and sunshine.

It was a weekend that marked a start of the birthday celebrations. Only few days away from my 35th birthday and if this weekend was indication of what the year has in store for me…well hello 35, I’ve been waiting for you!

Waking up to smell of coffee…

Crepes and blueberries…

Breakfast at noon….I’ll take it any day! Omelet with feta and tomatoes…

 Seafood Risotto….

This weekend was exactly what I needed and now I am back home and savoring every minute of my time with Kiki and getting ready for the week. I have a feeling it will be a crazy one, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. 

Monday: Chicken asparagus stir-fry

Tuesday: Rice and beans casserole with guacamole

Wednesday: Fresh tomato, basil, mozzarella pasta pizza

Thursday: Chicken cashew and red-pepper stir fry

Friday: Fiesta bean salad

Saturday: Slow-cooker greek pitas

Sunday: Bow-tie pasta with chicken and broccoli

Q: How was your weekend? Hope it was full of mystery and love, it seems that those two things go hand-in-hand these days…more coming about both soon…

**All photos were taken with Instagram and filtered with Picfx…Follow me on Instagram @fauxfoodiegirl**


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