Weekend Lookbook

What a week! What a weekend, but I’ll spare you the details and share with you a few of the really good things from this weekend – my baby love. Excuse me…she is not a baby, she is a niña (little girl) – at least that’s what she insists in saying… and soon enough I will need a dictionary to understand what my daughter is saying. I do have to say I am thrilled that she is learning Spanish, Croatian and English and at this moment she is most fluent in Spanish and I really want her to keep up with it.  Dictionary or not, I’ll learn with her!

Another really great thing happened this weekend – I made kale chips and she loved them. I am still in an awe that she loves all these foods I put in front of her – hummus, quinoa, tomatoes, broccoli, western omelette, and now kale chips – I am amazed that her palette is so accepting of flavors and textures.

  I also made meatballs for the first time. I can’t believe I touched raw beef – yup I did it. Crazy, right!?! Not bad for the first time – they got a little burned, they could have used a little more salt, but overall, not bad at all. All I can say – I can do it!!!! and I will be making them again. 

I leave you now with beautiful photos from the weekend. I am having so much fun with my camera after taking a basic photography class – now I just need to play some more and get better at it.

My baby love….


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  • Kat
    September 11, 2012 at 1:59 am

    she's such a cutie pie!


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