Weekend Lookbook

Hello! How was your weekend! I had a fantastic one. As you can see, I had my trusted TO-DO list as my guide and for the first time in a VERY long time, I actually got stuff done and had fun. Can you imagine!?! It’s a miracle. It’s such a satisfying feeling to accomplish all that I set out to this weekend and in the process have a good time.

We had a really fun play date this weekend! Everyone had a good time – moms, dads and the kids. Tracy, the super mom, “threw together” this little gathering and I completely envied her. The food spread was amazing. I was a little busy running after a toddler, but trust me when I tell you there were snacks, fruit, delicious pizza and amazing deserts. I really don’t know how she does it!!!! 

This would be my child getting in on the apple action. No matter who was eating, she had to eat the same stuff too – one of the kids was eating an apple, she stepped in, another kid was eating blueberries, she had to have some too, someone else was eating the veggie stix, she had to have some as well. You would have thought we were starving her at home, and she actually ate before we left the house. I actually had to hide in the pantry to eat some watermelon in peace.

My favorite purchase of the weekend – notebooks. As much as I love my technology there is nothing better than a beautiful notebook. They are so pretty almost too pretty to use…

The biggest accomplishment of the weekend was cleaning up our back yard. I am not ready to show the pictures yet, but I have BIG plans for it. There will be before and after photos for sure, but for now all I can share is blisters I now have on my right hand from all the hard work…Yup, I worked hard and it’s already looking beautiful. Can’t wait to show it to you when it’s all done. It will be my oasis.

Q: How was your weekend?

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