Weekend Notes

Remember how my last weekend was all about ME, well this weekend was not, but it was fulfilling, enriching, exhausting, and fun. I never knew I could love someone so much. This little person has completely turned my life upside-down and thought me [and still teaches me] the most important life lesson – selflessness. 

“Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had, and dealing with fears you didn’t know existed!” – Linda Wooten

Last week was long and trying and I couldn’t wait for the weekend to start. It was my “Kiki weekend”! I love spending time with Kiki…time with her is exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. Kiki is at this amazing age where she’s highly verbal, playful, inquisitive, trying to make sense of everything around her, and I am loving it. 

In all of the Kiki glory of the weekend, I still had some “me” time ….dinner party with great friends who always inspire me to do better; spending Saturday catching up with a great friend, a strong woman and an amazing mom; sharing a cup of coffee and lots of laughter on a Sunday morning with my bestie. 

My favorite cheeks! I can’t stop kissing these cheeks. Our conversation during the bath time today went something like this:

ME: Can I take a bite of your cheeks?

KIKI: Mommy, I am not food!!! You can’t bite me.  If you’re hungry go downstairs there’s food in the refrigerator.

ME: But I really want some of your sweet cheeks. 

Kiki: Oh mommy, I am sweet, but you like chocolate.

….and there you have it….that’s a three year old talking for you!

Fun with Little L, her bestie. According to Kiki, boys are yuckie, but not Little L, he rules!!!!

Pure love!!!

If this doesn’t say love, I don’t know what does!!!!

Sign of a great weekend – my two favorite people [yes, the Sous-Chef is a person, but you all already knew that] are completely passed out before I could even read one story, and usually we are negotiating reading two, three, or four books. The only question is – where do I sleep tonight??!!! They’ve taken over my bed!

As they say, life is measured in moments, make the most of them….and this weekend was all about the moments. 

Q: How was your weekend? What was the best moment of your life?

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  • Debbie
    August 4, 2014 at 4:27 am

    I love your precious Kiki stories! They remind me of my girls long ago. Enjoy every second!

  • Adri - Adri's World
    August 4, 2014 at 6:29 pm

    What a great weekend with your beautiful daughter and friends!

    August 17, 2014 at 10:52 am

    Cute 🙂 M&MFASHIONBITES mmfashionbites.blogspot.gr


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