weekend randomness

Weather is behaving terribly – it’s being all moody, huffy and sulky ….. So we did just what the doctor ordered – stayed in a lot and ate….

Of course at the begging of the weekend we had totally different plans, but once we saw how storm “Debbie” was treating us, the plans changed [hmmm, the story of our lives]. So instead of doing the boys’ weekend away, and girls’ weekend of shopping and fun, it was a true family weekend!

On Saturday morning we joined my friend Tracy and her family for breakfast at this cute local diner called “DINER” in Plantation, followed by a play date at their house. I met Tracy during my prenatal yoga class and stayed in touch through Facebook months later. Tracy is the epitome of the super mom. She is the type of mom that tries all the mommy and me classes, knows all the new moms in the area, knows and has tested all the coolest baby products, is super prepared leaving the house with a baby [and not like some moms that barely remember to bring along an extra diaper, yup that would be yours truly] always organizing play dates, makes time to come to all the birthday parties, and her kid has the coolest toys and of course is talking at age of 12 months!!!! Now you understand why I never wanted to leave our play date – I always learn so much from Tracy, plus our girls were having a great time, and so were the boys, which was definitely an added plus πŸ™‚ SO much in common, we were meant to be friends – so glad we sat next to each what now seems like moons ago in our prenatal yoga class!

After our super-duper play date and breakfast, we came home and crashed – all of us. An hour and half later, Kiki was up and we played some more, went for a quick walk with the sous-chef and than off to explore the cuisine of India. Yup, we took Kiki with us and she loved it! When Kiki is dancing in her high-chair and eating, you know the food is good. This was a Groupon deal that I purchased and it was a great discovery of a local restaurant.
Sunday was more of family shenenigans – but after awhile we couldn’t take it being in the house any more, so we ventured out to the mall to make some returns and exchanges, and while I popped in to one of my girly stores as the chef calls them [you know, Ann Taylor, The Limited], he took Kiki to the Disney Store!!! I am sure you know how did this end….. πŸ™‚
They walked out of the Disney store with not one, but two plush toys – Winnie the Pooh and Tiger. And the story goes something like this….What Lexi wants, Lexi gets!!! I guess we know what the future holds for these two!
So there you have it – our weekend in a nut shell – fun times for sure!!!

Q: How did you spend your weekend?

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