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I am trying to establish some type of routine since this is a new week and a new beginning for the Faux Foodie Household. Mili-Mali and I will be on our own during the day, but I have to say I actually look forward to that time with her. I took some time yesterday and created a menu for the week. May I add that it looks great. So here is what we will be feasting on – hope you’ll like!SUNDAY: Cashew-pesto pasta + walnut crusted chickenMONDAY: Arugula Salad + fried egg + prosciutto + cheese on a crostiniTUESDAY: Grilled pork chops + quinoa + bean salad WEDNESDAY: Orzo risotto with spring greens THURSDAY: Fresh corn with avocado + scallions + spiced scallopsFRIDAY: Steph and Sam are arriving (my sister in law and her daughter) – so who knows….

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  • Anonymous
    June 6, 2011 at 2:56 am

    MMM Looks Good!


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