Weekly Menu

Usually I am stressing out about the weekly menu on a Sunday night, but not this time around. I was way ahead of the game this weekend – the menu and the shopping was done on Saturday!!!! Actually everything on my TO DO list for the weekend was done by noon on Saturday. Partially because I was up by 5am for a 5K race (and reached a personal PR of 29:29). I was home by 8:30am full of energy and crossing one item after another off the list. It’s exhilarating getting it all done so early and than enjoying my weekend. I think this is probably the first weekend in a long time that I feel well rested and good about all that I have done, and I have done A LOT. Sunday: Chef’s CevicheMonday: Wild Rice with Mushrooms+Parsley+Marinated ChickenTuesday: Grilled Steak on a Salad BedWednesday: Blogger Meet-up and Cannellini Beans+Red Onion+Parsley Salad and Grilled ChickenThursday: Tilapia and Quinua with Feta Cheese and CucumberFriday: Lisette’s Bday PartyI am ready for this week….Stay tuned for foodie updates!!!!Today is a very important day to me – it’s my mom’s birthday. Happy Birthday Mom!!!!Sretan Rodendan Mama – jedva cekam da se vidimo i proslavimo nase rodendane!!!!!!

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