Weekly Menu

Let’s pretend I haven’t been gone for awhile and that you haven’t even noticed I’ve been missing. So I’ll just jump right into it. I love eating out, but these days I like nothing better than a home cooked meal. I spent a good portion of Friday night and Saturday afternoon [I was blessed with Kiki’s two hour nap] reading cook books/cooking blogs and picked a few things to try out this week. Actually I picked enough meals for three weeks, but I think I narrowed it down for the next few days only. 

Monday: Tilapia with oven roasted veggies and quinoa

Tuesday: Seafood penne pasta

Wednesday: Lighter Sesame chicken with jasmine rice

Thursday: Pesto pasta with chicken sausage ad roasted brussel sprouts

Friday: Chicken orzo skillet dinner

Since I usually like to cook after Kiki goes to sleep, I always end up eating so late. But today I did something different – I prepped everything ahead and when dinner time came around all I had to do was  bread the tilapia.

I roasted some veggies for 25 min on 425F – sprinkled with some salt, pepper and olive oil. I think roasted veggies are my new favorite snack. I actually ate half of it before I was even able to put some of it on my plate.

Q: How was your Monday? What will you be eating this week? Care to share a few recipes……

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