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Wow, it’s been awhile since we meal planned and I missed it. We’ve eaten one too many take outs this past week since coming back home – breakfast, lunch and dinner and daily Starbucks! Needless to say I am ready to eat some meals at home. 

I actually enjoyed grocery shopping so much that we went to three grocery stores, our fridge is busting with healthy choices and our pantry is overflowing with goodies! We have food…there is more than just a bottle of wine, Yo baby yogurt and mustard in our refrigerator!!! 

Meal planning was really easy this week. I picked up May issue of Cooking Light (I believe there is a June issue already on stands) and the menu was set within first few pages. Cooking Light magazine is so easy to read, recipes are delightful/easy/quick/healthy. I also found a delicious recipe for a pound cake that I must try with half the calories and 80% less of the saturated fat. You should pick up this issue, you certainly won’t regret it!

Monday: Grilled Pork chops + sugar snap sauté + mash potatoes

Tuesday: Shrimp fried rice

Wednesday: Salmon and fingerling potatoes + mixed steamed veggies

Thursday: Grilled flank steak + mushrooms relish + herbed couscous

Friday: Soba noodles + chicken

Saturday: Night out!

Tonight’s grilled pork chops were so good…finger licking good. Yup, I actually licked my fingers! Kiki loved this dinner too.

Don’t you just love these grill marks – yum! What a mouthwatering dinner. A tip that the chef wanted to share – use pork chops on the bone – they’ll cook up moist and juicy. It’s also better if you marinade the pork chops the night before for extra tender and flavor.

P.S. Until about a minute ago, I thought today was Sunday… oh well, hello Monday, I almost missed you!

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