Weekly Menu: back to the regular scheduling or so I thought

Folks, we are back to regular scheduling, or so I thought. I got a phone call from the chef telling me how he is ready to come home, unfortunately he is not retiring as “he is lucky in love but not the cards” (win win for me) and that he is/might be traveling this week. It’s the least to say – the delicious weekly menu that I just put together needs to be altered ASAP. Nothing has changed since few weeks ago – I still do not dare to touch the chicken or any other meats. Perhaps I will continue with hummus and pita or may have to introduce couple of vegetarian options. Vegetarian for a week – doesn’t sound too, too bad.So right before THE call, this is what I had planned and bought groceries for…Sunday: Hummus and Stacey ChipsMonday: Work Event/Panzanella and Italian Sausage SaladTuesday: Tuna Burger and TabouliWednesday: Chana Masala and Basmati RiceThursday: Mojo Chicken+Grilled Peppers+Pesto Wheat PastaFriday: Greek Chicken Salad with Feta+Fresh Oregano+Orzo

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