Weekly Menu – Cleaning the Pantry

Since I love food shopping almost as much as clothes shopping, but not as much as shoe shopping, lately our refrigerator and pantry have been bursting at seems. So in honor of the project “Cleaning out the refrigerator and pantry”, this week’s menu is inspired by the food that we already have. Bringing the creativity to the new levels;) The only thing that we are buying this week is the meat since the chef does not like to keep any meat except the chicken in the freezer. I was also forewarned that the chef may not be available for the whole week, so there is a good chance that things may change and breakfast menu or hummus will make the appearance.Sunday: Tomato, asparagus and egg pizza on naan breadMonday: Turkey/Beef (not sure what chef will pick) burgers with roasted peppers and sweet potato friesTuesday: Turkey/Beef (not sure what chef will pick) meat balls with wheat spaghetti and steamed broccoliWednesday: Grilled mojo chicken + pesto wheat pasta + black bean/red onion saladThursday: Pesto sauce gnocchiFriday: I will be on my way to Clearwater for the Iron Girl 15K so something nutritious

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