Weekly Menu for Three

It’s business as usual around here . . . sort of. I am leaving for Portland on Thursday (at 6am…which really means I need to be up by 3am) but until than I am soaking up every minute of my free time with Kiki. 

Even though this is kind of out of ordinary week for us, I still did some meal planning. We recently made a change in Kiki’s meal schedule where she went from eating two full meals, two 8oz milk bottles and late afternoon snack (hummus, cheese, veggies, etc) to two 5oz milk bottles, 3 smaller full meals and 1-2 snacks. Perhaps this might be normal feeding schedule for other 15 month olds, but since the chef and I usually don’t eat till 8:30 or sometimes even 9pm, cooking dinner for Kiki at 5:30 or so makes into a whole new adventure of cooking [read: me cooking dinner]. The whole “issue” with me cooking dinner is that I don’t cook. Well, I guess it’s time for me to get in the kitchen and figure out this thing called cooking. Wish me good luck!

I really think I can do it, it’s just a matter of getting in the kitchen and doing it. I want to continue healthy cooking, making sure Kiki continues on the path of good eats. I have to admit that since Kiki has been eating solids, my choices in snacks and meals has been very mindful and making sure she sees me making healthy and balanced choices.

So this week we will be eating some good dinners and I will be attempting some cooking as well. Join us for the ride, it should be a good one!

Monday: Pan fried tilapia filet + oven roasted asparagus [sprinkled with salt, drizzle of olive oil and baked in the oven on 350F for 10-12 minutes – simple and delicious]

Tuesday: Cashew chicken + jasmine rice

Wednesday: Italian sweet tomato sausage + oven roasted vegetables

Thursday: I will be in Portland, while the chef and Kiki will have the Chef’s chicken stir-fry

Friday:  Not sure…the chef is in charge…I will be in Portland

Q: If you have a toddler, how do you handle dinners? How do you handle multiple meals per day…I need help…I need suggestions!


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