weekly menu: make it today, enjoy all week

What a week it has been, what a month actually….I’ve been riding real high lately, and someone told me “Be careful, you may fall hard”…but guess what – I don’t mind falling. As cliche as it may sound, by falling, I know I am living. I set out to live my best year yet and I am making a daily effort to make every day count. It’s no secret that I went through some dark days, but making a decision to see the sunshine makes all the difference. Is it balanced life?  Far from it, but it’s a good one. 

Last two years were filled with life lessons and one that I am most thankful for is conquering the fear of cooking. I am not sure if it was fear or laziness that kept me out of the kitchen all those years, but today I couldn’t imagine not cooking, experimenting, creating, nurturing….

These days I love my time in the kitchen. Especially Sundays…. I start my day early with cup of coffee, cookbooks, magazines, all the Pinterest recipes, my calendar and start planning and within minutes I have 5-6 meals chosen…and with my list in hand off I go grocery shopping. Once back home, I set out on a cooking expedition. As time is always of essence, I try really hard to put together quick, balanced, healthy, and Kiki approved meals. One thing I have not mastered is cooking for two, which in many ways is a blessing in disguise. I cook as if I am feeding an army on hungry teenagers so there are always leftovers galore, which makes packing school/work lunches easy. 

January might be behind us, but crazy life continues, and this week will definitely be crazy one, so to make things easier I planned on making only four meals. To make things a little more interesting these are all new recipes to me, but the prep will be done today and then during the week I only need to put the finishing touches and within 10 minutes the meal will be served and fingers crossed Kiki approved.  

So here’s what we will be feasting on this week…

SUNDAY:  Skinny chicken fried rice

MEATLESS MONDAY: Farmhouse hash with pot poached eggs

TUESDAY: Crunchy Asian slaw/”That Work Thing”

WEDNESDAY: “Pork tenderloin paprikash + egg noodles

THURSDAY: “That Work Thing”

FRIDAY: “That Work Thing”

Q: What are you cooking up this week? What fear are you conquering?

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