Weekly Menu Missing in Action

Perhaps you noticed, perhaps you didn’t, but I didn’t put together a weekly menu for this week. The chef is missing in action this week and so is the weekly menu. It’s hard for me to plan anything when I don’t really cook, but I did go grocery shopping yesterday with a slight idea of couple of meals that I know how to make. But since I am on my own and cooking is not forte, I am not pre-setting any meals, but just going with it. Depending on the evening and Mili-Mali’s mood, I will “attempt” my dinners.
So today is a Meatless Monday and in spirit of FFG traditions, I went meatless. And this is how I did it – gosh, I am so proud of myself for doing this. Please don’t laugh, but it’s my attempt of keeping it “normal”. I bought Amy’s 4 Cheese Pizza, and decided to plump it up a bit – some proteins and greens.

The plumping process included cracking two eggs on it and let them bake on the pizza on 450F for 12 minutes. 
Once the pizza cooled off (for about two minutes) I added some arugula.

Can I just say, this was the best pizza I have ever made. Underlining, that I have made. You won’t hear me say this often;) OK, so it lacked a bit in taste – it could have been saltier, but what’s matters is that I ventured into uncharted territories and cooked something myself. Chef, please don’t get used to this, you are much better chef than I can ever imagine being…and I miss your cooking….and YOU!
I am off to bed to catch some zzzzzz as I am expecting Kiki to wake up soon. She didn’t sleep well last night, meaning I didn’t sleep well, and she is all over her crib right now, restless sleeping…


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