Weekly Menu Plan

Ok, so I lied and we did not make everything that was planned last week, but that is only because the chef changed plans on me. He decided to stay in town, and he wasn’t interested in eating vegetarian all week. So we ate a mixture of things, but no take-out and that is huge. After all, we spent money and bought food, there was plenty to be found at home. If I hate anything that is wasting food. Unfortunately, we did waste two avocados, urgh!!!!!! We’ll do better next week for sure!

So what are we doing this week…well, let’s see, I have a girl’s night out, some work functions and of course the Easter. But if you know the Faux Foodies, you know that we have a tradition of going out for brunch on Easter. It just that this year, a little one will be joining us for Easter brunch.

Sunday: Grilled skirt steak + grilled peppers + aspragus + mushrooms

Monday: Mama Pea‘s Thai Veggie Burgers

Tuesday: Baked turkey meatballs + wheat penne pasta

Wednesday: Girls’ night out

Thursday: Couscous salad + black beans + mushrooms + corn

Friday: leftovers

Saturday: TBD or Whole Foods Market salad bar

Sunday: Easter Brunch

Q: Do you have any traditions for Easter? Do you create your own traditions?


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  • Beth Dunn
    April 2, 2012 at 3:18 pm

    Sounds yummy! We go all over for Easter so I've never had a traditional menu.


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